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All sheep must be identified individually with appropriate ear tags issued in accordance with the requirements of the National Sheep Identification System (NSIS).
Movement Documentation
All consignments of sheep being moved must be accompanied by a completed dispatch document. Individual details of each sheep in the consignment must be recorded on the document. Sheep from non-restricted flocks only can be moved to shows. In the case of flocks restricted following diagnosis of scrapie, sheep possessing the ARR/ARR genotype only may be exhibited. The movement of these ARR/ARR genotype sheep must be accompanied by the relevant movement permit (SCR/10), which can be obtained from the local District Veterinary Office in the county where the flock is located.
AIM Notification
The movement of sheep to and from an Agricultural Show within the State must be recorded on AIM. This is done using a copy of the owner's sheep dispatch document as follows:

  1. The owner/keeper presents the signed and completed dispatch document to the show secretary who checks it to ensure that it is completed in full.
  2. The show secretary fills in the MART section of the dispatch document with (i) the show number, (ii) the date of the move back to the source holding (iii) stamps it with the show stamp and (iv) signs the dispatch document.
  3. The show secretary then forwards the completed pink section of the dispatch document to the local DVO within 7 days of the show movement.
  4. The show secretary keeps a white copy for his/her records.
  5. The source/destination keeper keeps the bottom yellow copy to enter it into their flock register.

Ultimate responsibility for fulfilling this requirement lies with the Show Secretary.
Flock Register
All movements of sheep to and from shows must be recorded in the keeper’s flock register.
Exports to Northern Ireland
All sheep must be accompanied by a TRACES intra-community trade certificate for ovine animals. A TRACES message, corresponding with the TRACES certificate, will be sent for each animal or consignment being dispatched to the show (this will be performed by Department officials of the DVO). Exhibitors are advised to contact the show society in Northern Ireland well in advance of any show to determine the suitability of the show for return of animals (e.g. premises and sheep status), and whether the authorities will have officials and veterinary staff present to supervise and process documentation for animals returning to origin.

Attendance of sheep from scrapie monitored flocks at shows and sales in 2018

Shows between 1st May and 30th September
Sheep from scrapie monitored flocks will be permitted to attend agricultural shows taking place between May 1st and September 30th without restriction or separation from other categories of sheep.

Shows outside that period
For shows taking place before May 1st or after September 30th, sheep from scrapie monitored or probationary flocks must be separated from other sheep as follows:

There must be complete separation of monitored/probationary sheep from other categories of sheep at the show. Ideally, this would mean a separate entrance and exit for each group, separate loading and unloading areas, separate penning areas for each of the two groups.

In locations where all of the above may not be possible, the minimum requirement would be the separate loading and unloading and also of penning areas. The two areas should be separate by a sheep-free alleyway, at least 12 feet wide. If only one showring is available, the sheep from the scrapie-monitored flocks must be shown first.